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14th Decembeer 2017


We discovered that Stephen Leversha Gowlland was a freemason: -


This is the only known case of freemasonry in the Gowlland family.

27th November 2017

More information about John George Blantyre Gow(l)land – click here

20th November 2017

Details of a watch manufactured by Arthur Gowlland (1832 – 1904) – click here.

4th October 2017

Details of headstone of John Gowland, and his daughter Elizabeth, in the churchyard of All Saints Church, Findsbury – click here.  John Gowland was a Grocer; in the Inventory drawn up after his death he had over £100 worth of shop goods in stock (Consistory Court of Rochester Inventory, DRb/Pi24/9)  -  about £6,000 in today’s money. A John Gowland, (same man ?) an Exciseman, appears in the Baptism Registers in 1704.

From this, as well, we know that this John Gowland was born in about 1687 and his daughter Elizabeth in about1703.

22nd August 2017

Details of a Mary Gowland living in Chilham (next-but-one parish to Canterbury) in early 18th century.  More investigations to be made, clearly. Click here for details so far known.

8th August 2017

Record of 1560 Marriage of George Gowland and Godlie Heinger in Faversham, Kent - click here.

7th August 2017

1794 baptism record from St Andrews, Canterbury, of William Henry Gowlland, son of Richard Symons Gowlland, published - click here.  He died a few months later.

3rd August 2017

A new family tree has come into our possession, and it is proving very interesting.  There are some obvious errors, but by and large it coincides with ours.atree.jpg



The major departure is that it shows six Gowl(l)and entries predating Joseph Gowland’s 1734 marriage, the point at which all trees and accompanying records begin; and these six entries carry dates.  As will be seen in the extract so far published (click here), they are, in date order, Richard (1529), George (1540), Huimphrey (1611), Stephen (1613), Thomas (1638) and Joseph (1710).  There is no indication as to whether the dates refer to Birth, Marriage or Death; nor the source(s) of the information.

Five of the names are commonly found in subsequent generations of Gowllands but “Humphrey” has not been found elsewhere.  As of today there is no trace of this Humphrey anywhere.  However, there is a Humphrey Gowling of the era and, according to (below) this was used up to the 17th Century as an alternative form of Gowland.  More research is needed on this.

Last name: Gowland

Recorded in several spelling forms including Gowland, Gowlin, Gowling, Gowlling, and possibly others , this deceptively simple name is in fact of complex and conjectural etymology. There are three (at least) possible sources, and all that can be said with relative certainty is that in its modern spelling form it is 17th Century. The first possibility is that the origin is medieval English, and a developed form of "Gulling". This was a nickname diminutive derived from the (sea) gull, and supposedly described one with a pale complexion, however, given the rapacious habits of seagulls, it may have other interpretations. The second possible origin is French Huguenot, from "Gouelin", again a nickname diminutive which translates as "the younger gourmet", from the Old French word "Goulu", a big eater! The third possibility is as a variant form of the popular locational name Gowland, which derives from some "lost" medieval village believed to have been in East Anglia. The name also appears in Devon, but not before May 3rd 1721, when John Gowland married Joan Taylor at Kenn, near Exeter. Interesting recordings from London Church Registers include: Jean Gouelin, a witness at the French Huguenot Church, Threadneedle Street, on March 31st 1678, and William Gowling, the son of Humphrey Gowling, who was christened at St. Botolph's without Aldgate, on October 1st 1690. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Roger Gulling, which was dated 1203, in the "Pipe Rolls of Hampshire", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.    Read more:

15th May 2017

Rosemary and John had the very great pleasure of meeting the grandson of Henry Orford Gowlland (1865 – 1928) from Canada, with his delightful partner.  Also John finally overcame the apparently insuperable problems which had prevented publishing new details to the website for many months.

24th July 2016

Mention of a “J H Gowlland” as a prisoner of war in Germany 1043 – 45.  Stalag 357 was occupied mainly by Army detainees, although there were a small number of Air Force personnel.   There used to be a website where individual’s stories about their captivity in this particular camp could be found . Regrettably this disappeared in mid-2017. 



Clearly this is John Hollingsworth Gowlland, who we know flew on some of the most important bombing missions in WW2.  He was very helpful in providing information for us in the early days of developing the website; and we hope it may be possible to add to it a biography of his quite eventful war service. 

20th April 2016

Photo of Shirley Park Hotel added to biography of Egbert Gowlland – click here.

6th April 2016

A relative in Australia very kindly sent us originals of two letters from Geoff Gowlland on the subject of the Family Tree – one of four pages to Bruch Berckleman click here) and the other of one page to Ruth Harrison (click here).

27th February 2016

A report following on from that below concerning the Gowlland Bombora – click

10th February 2016

Report in the Manly Daily of a near-fatal encounter with the Gowlland Bombora - click  Manly is a suburb to the north of Sydney.

15th December 2015

Further information regarding the two books written by Henry Orford Gowlland – click here.

5th October 2015

List of monuments in Port Royal Parish Church added to biography of James E Gowlland (died 1860) -[

Inclusion of John George Blantyre Gowlland in Victoria Gazette of Medical Practitioners for 1913 (page 120)  -  click here

Details added to John Thomas Ewing’s biography of the quotation from his unpublished journal recorded in “Professional Savages” by Roslyn Poignant (Pub 2004) page 48 – click here


31st August 2015

Death in 2010 of great-grandson of James Carter Gowlland added to his biography -


12th March 2015

Land Tax records of 1798 showing Josiah Gowlland was a tenant of Mr Harnett, who was a witness at Josiah’s wedding – here.


11th March 2015

New speculation regarding Jane Gowlland, the third entry in Loose Ends – click here.


4th February 2015

We have been provided with a set of nine scans from C78/650, a long Chancery decree dated 28th October 1658, in which Richard Gowland, desribed as “ parson of Ledbury (Herefordshire)” features largely.  These will not be published to the website, but can be emailed to anyone who may be interested.

20th January 2015

Article from “The Engineer” of 21st January 1921 added to biography of William Gowlland – click here.

17th December 2014

Five 15th and 16th century entries in the cumulative index to various parts of the Common Pleas with varied spellings – click items 14 to 18 inclusive in the index to Loose Ends (click here).  Clearly there is no certainty that any of these have any connection with our line, commencing some two hundred years later.

12th September 2014

Correction of Christian name to “Jane” of bride to John Gowland’s 1681 wedding – click here.

4th August 2014

WW1 service medal obtained for Bmbr William John Gowlland, grandson of James West Gowlland – click here.

1st August 2014

Newspaper extract found regarding new Australian survey vessel named after John Thomas Ewing Gowlland – link is

5th June 2014

Report from about 1895 of Frederick William Nichol Gowlland, the youngest son of Thomas Sankey Gowlland, failing to meet the standards expected of a bank manager – here.

12th March 2014

Extract from Cambridge [Massachusetts] Directory of 1896 added to biography of George Gowlland (1867 – 1927) – click here

27th February 2014

Note re Peter John Riber Matthieson’s three wives added to his biography – click here.

14th February 2014

Extract from 1754 "Poll for Knights of the Shire to represent the County of Kent" added to biography of Joseph Gowlland (click here).

30th December 2013

Details added to biography of John Thomas Ewing Gowlland regarding charts bearing his name for islands off Japan (one) (click here) and islands in Ionian Sea (two).

27th December 2013

Details of Charles Septimus Gowlland’s last patent, for cloche clips, added to his biography - click here.

19th November 2013

Book launch of “My dearest Gennie” took place in Australia - click here.  . Jo Vink reported “  . .  it was a great success.  Over eighty people, a lovely afternoon and a great setting at Masalou, Francias Lord’s old home, now part of Monte Sant’Anglo Mercy College”. 

30th September 2013

Agreement from 1892 added to Henry Gowlland’s biography – click here.

24th September 2013

Henry Gowlland’s obituary published – click here.

27th August 2013

Burial sites in Canada, Australia and USA for eight Gowllands may be found here  -

21st August 2013

A very comprehensive article from 1974 added to the biography of Henry Orford Gowlland – click here.

15th August 2013

In July 2013 Joanna Vink, Jack's great grand-daughter published a fascinating book "My dearest Gennie" based on John Thomas Ewing Gowlland's letters to Genevieve, and his journals, and containing much else of great interest. The book  (SBN 978-0-9873463-8-4) may be bought from Jo at

 My dearest Gennie A   My dearest Gennie B

12th August 2013

Biography of Henry Orford Gowlland reorganised - click here.

25th July 2013

Further work on the Patents.  Including the remarkable discovery that Henry Orford Gowlland (b 1865) took out his first patent on a multifocus lens (using the name “Henry Orford”) in 1909, more than one hundred years ago, and thus considerably earlier than had hitherto been thought  -  click here.

14th June 2013

Baptism record of 1861 published for Alice Maud Gowlland, sixth child of Richard Gowlland (1823 – 1863) – click here.

6th June 2013

Some very evocative photos of Captain Peter John Riber Mathieson and his wife Gertrude née Gowlland (Gladys’s half-sister) on board the Antiope have become available through the kindness of The Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney – copy and paste

20th May 2013

Two original birth certificates (below) published, of 1771 for Richard Symons Gowlland, and 1795 for Richard Gowlland.  Intriguingly these were passed on to us with the explanation that they were discovered in 1940 in a solicitor’s office which has been destroyed in the Blitz – hence the water damage.



7th April 2013

Further information added to biography of Alfred Gowlland (b 1839) – click here.

4th March 2013

Details provided of the existence of a further Gowlland microscope – click here.

18th January 2013

Further media interest in Geoff Gowlland’s cine films and photographs – click here.

14th January 2013

Newspaper report on his February 1916 divorce added to biography of Edward Lake Gowlland – click here.

2nd January 2013

Two newspaper cuttings from 1891 added to biography of George Gowlland (here), and one from “The Chelmsford Chronicle” (here) to that of one of the daughters of Richard Gowlland (1823 – 1863).

20th December 2012

Photo of 57 and 59 Doughty Street added (here), and two photos of Stained Glass Window (here) in St Mary’s, Chartham, Kent, commemorating Peter Yeames Gowlland.

18th December 2012

Evidence against John George Blantyre Gowlland in his divorce case published in 21st February 1897 edition of “Lloyds Weekly Newspaper” – click here.  Presence of Louisa Mayes Gowlland in the British Orphan Asylum in Slough – click here.  Appreciation conveyed to Rosa Gowlland at 1869 meeting of supervisory board of St Mark’s Hospital – click here.   Announcement in “The Reading Mercury and Oxford Gazette” of 26th January 1884 of wedding of Rose Grace Gowlland and Douglas Heron Barry – click here.

17th December 2012

Newspaper extract concerning commissioning and installing of a stained glass window dedicated to Peter Yeames Gowlland and his son, by Rosa Gowlland, his widow – click here.. Also a newspaper report of 1842 concerning Richard Gowlland’s capture of a smuggler – here.

16th December 2012   

Additional biographic information published for George Castle Gowlland [1804 – 1890] (here), Alfred Gowlland [1839 – c1911] (here) and Arthur Gowlland [1832 – 1904] (here).   Also an announcement of the proposed sale in 1807 of the windmill belonging to Richard Symons Gowlland (here)

6th December 2012-12-06

A new correspondent in China has very kindly sent us a Family Tree, and some notes, concentrating on the descendants of George Castle Gowlland (1804 – 1890), and these will be published over the next week or so  -  for the Tree, click here.

23rd November 2012

Extracts from UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers added to biographies of George Gowlland (1878) (here), Alfred Gowlland (1878) (here),  Josiah Gowlland (1808) (here) and Richard Symons Gowlland (1802) (here).

22nd November 2012

Photos of John Thomas Ewing Gowlland’s headstone, as it used to be, and as it is now, added to his biography – click here.

16th November 2012

Link to State Library of Queensland added to biography of John Thomas Ewing Gowlland – click here.

9th November 2012

Additional information published regarding the descendants of the mysterious Richard Symonds Gowlland (click here).

7th April 2012 

Note added re transcription error in IGI record of Josiah Gowlland’s baptism – click here.

6th March 2012

Letter of 1938 from Geoffrey Gowlland written from hospital when he was recovering from typhoid – click here.

3rd November 2011

Details of TV programme using some of Geoff Gowlland’s cine film of the Battersea Pleasure Gardens in 1951 – click here.

7th May 2011

Portraits of Henry Orford and Jane Orford née Goffée from about 1865 added to article on the Orfords – click here.

5th April 2011

More complete address information taken from England 1911 Census Summary Books added to certain entries in the 1911 census index.

3rd March 2011

Partial List of Gowllands Limited agentsd and buyers from about 1970-1980 added to notes on Gowllands Limited – click here.

22nd February 2011

William Gowlland Ltd catalogue of 1912 available – click here.

14th January 2011

Poll list of 1705 mentioning a John Gowland of St Clement’s parish, Middlesex (London) added to Loose Ends record of John Gowland’s 1716 apprenticeship – click here.

10th January 2011

Clarification of speculation regarding parentage of Richard Symonds Gowlland – click here.

6th January 2011

Further information regarding the dating and provenance of the Gowlland Clock added to Glossary – click here.  Also notes added re John Gowland of Frindbury (b 1702) and his apprenticeship in 1716 to Henry Thornton of Rochester – click here.

18th November 2010

Additional details regarding the final years of George Castle Gowlland added to his biography – click here.

7th November 2010

Surname of bride in 1934 wedding of Dennis Geoffrey Warren Gowlland amended to Wenham.

23rd October 2010 

Link published (here) to service records of Geoffrey Cathcart Gowlland and of Eric Fulton Gowlland: and Edmonton newspaper reference from 17th May 1933 (here) to Gladys Gowlland.

7th October 2010

Three new references added to biography of John Thomas Ewing Gowlland (here, here and here), and one to that of Henry Orford Gowlland (here).

20th September 2010

1883 portrait of George Gowlland 1838 – 1911 published after restoration – click here.

14th September 2010

In September 2010, in a bound volume entitled "Revenue Cruisers 1671 - 1928", held at the National Archives, Kew, within their Customs records, was found a mention of Richard Gowlland 1795 - 1865 as former commander of the Vigilant - click here.

24th August 2010

Probate of 1898 for Richard Symonds Gowlland published – click here.

5th August 2010

Loose Ends reorganised and re-indexed – here.   Also section added dealing with John Gowland and family of Frindsbury, Rochester, North Kent.

15th June 2010

Record published (here) for the conviction in 1831 at Canterbury Assizes of a Henry Gowlland on two counts of larceny.  At present we do not believe that this person belongs to our line.

11th June 2010

The search for the seventeenth century forebears of Joseph Gowlland has reluctantly been brought to an end, since all available possibilities seem to have been exhausted.  A pity.  Should any more clues emerge, the search will, of course, be resumed.

One final possibility, so far with no established connection, which is being borne in mind is this entry:

Indexed transcript of Frindsbury baptisms, marriages and burials 1669-1812 for Gowland and variants:

1702     May      6             John son of John Gowland, Excise man of Frindsbury, and Catherine  bapt.

1704     Aug     21             Elizabeth dau of ditto bapt.

1707     Nov     30             Elizabeth dau of John Gowland buried.

1710     May    30             John Gowland buried.

1713     Aug     28             Katherine Gowland, widow, buried.

Frindsbury is a suburb of Strood, which, for administrative purposes, is now amalgamated with Rochester.  The above five entries are apparently the only Gowland mentions in the records of The Medway Studies Centre (Strood) between 1669 and 1812, but I shall double-check this when possible.

The IGI shows a marriage on 14th January 1700  (two years before the first of the two births recorded above) at St Nicholas, Rochester, between John Gowland and Catherine Harriett.  This also needs investigation.

The main interest is the profession of “Exciseman”.  They would move from port to port; and Joseph’s family, of course, was established in Dover in the 1730s.  Probably nothing significant, but worth noting   . . . .

30th April 2010

Hypertext link (here) added to Glossary section regarding Freemen of Canterbury for University of Berkeley’s on-line transcription of J M Cowper’s “The roll of the freemen of the city of Canterbury from A.D. 1392-to 1800".  Also reference (here) from 1351 to “John Goland” of the manor of Wolford, co. Warwick, from “Grantees etc of Office 1350 – 1354”, from the Patent Rolls (the Chancery enrolments of royal letters patent) from the reign of Edward III.

26th April 2010

Publishing of page from parochial register of St Mary the Virgin, Dover, listing Dissenters, and naming nine births to Sampson and Susanna Pierce (née Reading) between 1713 and 1730 – here.

16th April 2010

Settlement Certificate IN for Joseph Gowland and family added to Loose Ends – click here.  Ten baptism entries from Eyethorne Chapel for children from several Peirce families added to notes on Baptists – here.  Did they move en masse to a different chapel in 1805?

7th April 2010

Edward Lake Gowlland’s entry in the 1926 “Directory of Medical Practitioners in the Provinces” published – click here.  1934 entry in Army List added to Geoffrey Cathcart Gowlland’s biography – click here.

2nd April 2010

1675 Notice of Intended Bridegroom (Marriage Licence Application) for Archdeaconry of Lewes (East Sussex) published in name of Robert Gowland of Crowhurst – click here.  Note that Crowhurst is about three miles north-west of Hastings, and about seven miles south-west of Udimore and Brede. Geoffrey Cathcart Gowlland’s entry in the Fettes School record for 1896 entrants published – click here.

30th March 2010

Old Bailey record from 1845 published showing conviction for larceny of Thomas Gowlland (born c1821), son of Josiah Gowlland – click here.

28th March 2010

Extract from Post Office Commercial and Professional Directory of 1856 published mentioning James West Gowlland and Peter Yeames Gowlland – click here.  Also Merchant Taylors’ School register from 1875 mentioning Peter Yeames Gowlland – click here.  And listing of Customs’ Establishment at London Docks in 1858 mentioning Richard Gowlland – click here.

27th March 2010

Further information regarding the Settlement Certificate in the name of Joseph Theophilus Gowland and family added to the notes about him in “Loose Ends”  -  click here.  Additional records added to Glossary item on Polls – click here.

26th March 2010

New portrait of George Gowlland (1838 – 1911) published – click here.     This is the painting which Melissa Gowlland, in a letter to Geoff Gowlland dated 8th January 1942, so memorably described as “I have an oil and water colour of our grandfather George you might care to view, looking like the King of the Cannibals – sports an outsize in black whiskers and beard – very fierce all together”  and, in a letter dated 5th April 1942, “It belonged to Margaret [George’s oldest daughter, born 1860], and Charlie [Charles Septimus, the youngest child, born 1878] being a younger brother could hardly refuse to let me have it when she died”.

 18th March 2010

Link to The Surman Index Online of Congregational ministers (here) added to notes on James Fenn  -  note there is no reference to Stephen Gowlland.

Photos added to notes on Dr Williams’s Library – here.               Also some additions made to article on “Baptists” – here.

14th March 2010

Details added of three marriages and twenty-nine (!) children of Thomas Sankey (b 1738), father of Sarah Sankey (b 1771), wife of Richard Symons Gowlland (b 1770), married 1792 – click here and here.      Also details of Sarah’s brother’s having organised a collection for the families of survivors of the Battle of the Nile in 1798 – here.

8th March 2010

1871 census record published for Louisa Mary Yeames Bouverie – click here.

3rd March 2010

Settlement record for 1821 in Edmonton published for Josiah Gowlland – here.

23rd February 2010

Second Letter of Recommendation from James West Gowlland published – here.

19th February 201

Note of Letter of Reference for a police recruit provided by James West Gowlland added to his biography – click here.

16th February 2010

Additional biographical details added for Eliza Jane Gowlland (b 1847) – click here.

12th February 2010

Notes added to the Glossary on Settlement Certificates (here), and Parish Apprenticeships and Illegitimacy (here).

9th February 2010

1716 Apprenticeship record published (here and here) for John Gowland, “son of John Gowland of Rochester, Gent., dec” to Henry Thornton, Citizen [?] and Clock Maker”.  The Thorntons are linked to the known Gowllands from Canterbury and Dover by virtue of (a) Mary Thornton witnessing a birth of one of the children of Stephen Gowlland (b1747), (b) Peggy/Margaret Thornton marrying Josiah Gowlland in 1807, and (c) Elizabeth Thornton’s 1832 burial in the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion chapel in Dover (one of the Baptist places of worshhip used by early Gowllands).  This is the first time we have established a connection, albeit tenuous, between the known South Kent Gowl(l)ands and the far less well established North Kent Gowlands.

As to the deceased father mentioned above, there is a record of a marriage on 14th January 1700 between John Gowland and Catherine Harnett at St Nicholas, Rochester.  The apprentice could have been a child of this marriage, born two years after the wedding.  Regrettably there is no trace of the death of a John Gowland between 1702 and 1716.

More investigation is needed  . . . . .

Various other apprenticeship records published – click here.

7th February 2010

Entries added to the Glossary in respect of:

a)   Privy Council Extracts from reign of Edward VI  -  click here.

b)   Licences for marriages in southern England 1632 – 1714  -  click here

c)   Freemen of Canterbury  -  click here

5th February 2010

Licence application found (click here and here) for Robert Gowland and Elizabeth Lucke, both of Crowhurst, East Sussex, dated 10th July 1675.  The marriage took place five days later at All Saints, Hastings (here): note variations in both names.

4th February 2010

Record (click here) published of the 1837 imprisonment for six weeks of William Gowland, aged twenty, convicted of larceny at Canterbury Assizes.  This might be the fifth child and third son of Josiah Gowlland and Peggy Thornton, or, less probably, the sixth child and fourth son of Stephen Gowlland and Jane West: both Josiah and Stephen originally came from Canterbury, although both left there as their families grew.  Equally, it is more than likely that this William Gowland is nothing to do with our line.

2nd February 2010

Details of Baltic Medal awarded to John Thomas Ewing Gowlland in 1854 added to his biography – click here.   Details of 1789 apprenticeship of Stephen Gowlland to John Quested added to his biography – click here.

21st January 2010

Latest version of Gowlland Family Tree published – click here.  It now runs to eighteen closely-printed A4 pages, and the complete Tree totals 927 individuals.  If anyone would like a copy of the fil as a GEDCOM, please email accordingly to john gowlland (

16th January 2010

Photos of two oil paintings signed by Stephen Leversha Gowlland appended to his correspondence with Geoff Gowlland – click here.

15th January 2010

Note included in biography of Josiah Gowlland re Canterbury freehold of Lazarus Thornton – click here.

7th January 2010

A possible third candidate identified for the convicted Richard Gowlland in 1870 – click here.  Comment added regarding the 1827 baptism of Charles Gowlland, son of Josiah, with address shown as “The Workhouse, Hendon” – click here.  Obituary from 1942 for Edward Lake Gowlland added to his biography – click here.

23rd November 2009

BMD Certificates published over past ten days added to the respective indices.

18th November 2009

Marriage certificates published for Joseph Honey Gowlland (1907 – here) and Selina Gowlland (1848 – here).

16th November 2009

Baptism certificate of 13th April 1873 published for Eleanor Gowlland (here); and for Edith Emma and Francis Edward Gowlland (here) dated 24th February 1884, from St Mark, Tollington Park, Islington.

Also published (here) is a baptism record from St Peter, Hammersmith, ammersmith in the name of “Ada Gowlland, daughter of Frederick and Anne, residence 15 William Street, born August 28th 1882, father’s occupation bootmaker [?]”; but this record should be treated with some scepticism as there is no known Frederick Gowlland and the transcription of the badly written surname is uncertain.

14th November 2009

Burial record published for Leonard Lake Gowlland and Richard Sankey Gowlland – here.  Burial record from Saint Pancras Old Church, Camden, London, of Emma Gowland [sic] aged two days, possibly a hitherto unknown child of Charles Gowlland (b1861) – here.

13th November 2009

Marriage record from 1881 published for Rebecca Gowlland (click here).  Also for Susannah Gowlland (click here).  Record of Stephen Gowlland’s religious interests in 1775 – here.  Record of 1936 burial of Mabel Agnes Blanche Louise Gowlland – click here.

12th November 2009

Publishing of a record from The Old Bailey of the conviction in 1870 of a Richard Gowlland for “attempted theft from dwelling house” – click here and here

1st November 2009

Baptism certificate for Eliza Jane Gowlland, daughter of Richard “coachpainter” Gowlland, published – click here.

30th October 2009

1882 baptism certificate for George Gowlland (1867 – 1927) added to his biography (here).  1881 census entry for Peter Yeames Gowlland added to his biography (here), and three baptism certificates added, 1825 (himself), 1861 (his daughter) and 1863 (his son) – click here..

28th October 2009

Section dealing with media interest in Geoff Gowlland’s cine films rewritten – click here.   Baptism records published for Peter Yeames Gowlland (here), Louisa Mary Yeames Gowlland (here) and Elizabeth Lyon Gowlland (here).

25th October 2009

Puzzling presence of James West Gowlland at the 1832 wedding of so-far unplaced Jane Gowlland discussed – click here.   And publishing of record of calling of banns of the mysterious Richard Symonds Gowlland in 1847 – here.

24th October 2009

Birth certificate and baptism certificate published for Richard Gowlland born 1877 – click here.

23rd October 2009

1836 marriage record found for Ann Gowlland’s marriage to William Fisher, as previously included in “Loose Ends” – click here.

20th October 2009

Baptism certificate from St Mary’s, Hendon, Barnet, Middlesex, dated 1823, published for six children of Josiah and Peggy/Margaret Gowlland  -  click here.

14th October 2009

Baptism record from St Mary’s, Hendon, Barnet, published for Charles Gowlland, the last child of Josiah and Peggy/Margaret  – click here.  Why was the family of a schoolmaster in the Workhouse?

Original record of marriage of Richard Symonds Gowlland and Louisa Newell from St Matthew’s, Bethnal Greem published, showing the clerk had trouble with the spelling of the word “Mathematical” – click here.

13th October 2009

Certificate obtained (click here) for the 1832 marriage of Jane Gowlland and Samuel Cox; but the mystery remains as to who Jane is  -  she therefore remains in Loose Ends (click here).

12th October 2009

Baptism certificate from St Mary Magdalene, Greenwich, published for twin girls allegedly fathered in 1864 by John Thomas Ewing Gowlland – click here.

7th October 2009

Map showing location of Eyethorne Baptist Chapel added to biography of Stephen Gowlland (1747 – 1802) – click here.

2nd October 2009

Further information concerning Stephen Gowland’s link to the Particular Baptists added to his biography – click here.

25th September 2009

Publication of a few records extracted from archives at the Society of Genealogists, namely Parish Indexes [here] and Parish Chests [here].

21st September 2009

Birth records searched for Eythorne Particular Baptists chapel showing a total of nine new grandchildren born to Susannah and Sarah, daughters of  Stephen Gowlland (b 1747) – click here and here.

17th September 2009

Some notes on John Sutton, his apprentice-master, added to biography of Joseph Gowlland – click here.

15th September 2009

Notes on an apparent branch in Paris in 1922 added to information on Gowllands Limited – click here.

10th September 2009

Updated Family Tree published as PDF file – click here.

2nd September 2009

Plan of Newcastle, Queensland, Australia, from 1866, the work of John Thomas Ewing Gowlland, added to his biography – click here.

13th August 2009

Details of the long-lost portrait of Peter Yeames Gowlland added to the correspondence between Geoff Gowlland and A Yakovleff – click here.

7th August 2009

Updated Family Tree published as PDF file – click here.

30th July 2009

Maple and Go(u)lder entries in the list of participants in the 1641 Protestation added to the Glossary – click here – and additional Maple details added to the biography of Joseph Gowlland (b c1714) – click here.

24th July 2009  

A list of Maple baptisms for the 16th - 18th centuries, most of them in Bridge (a village a short distance from Canterbury, on the road to Dover), has been added to the Glossary and to Joseph Gowlland’s biography - click here.

21st July 2009

More details added regarding antecedents of Peggy Thornton, wife of Josiah Gowlland – click here.

17th April 2009

Some notes added on Goulder and Golder  -  here.

11th July 2009

More information on Baptists added – click here.

1st July 2009

Further information, resulting from a visit to East Kent Archives in Dover, added regarding Gowlland Baptist connections, in particular extracts from the Register Book for Dover Baptist Church of St Mary – here.

25th June 2009

Information regarding Baptist links to Gowl(l)ands, and general Baptist information, published – click here.  This is also available through the Glossary – click here

23rd June 2009

More information published regarding James Fenn – click here.

22nd June 2009

Joseph Theophilus Gowland added to “Loose Ends” – click here.

12th June 2009

Additional information regarding HMS “Plumper” and HMS “Hecate” added to biography of John Thomas Ewing Gowlland – click here.

8th June 2009

Report on Jack Gowlland’s return after a two-month surveying voyage on HMS “Edith” found in “The Brisbane Courier” for 16th December 1868  -  the link is

Mention in “Nature” - - of an experiment in the 1920s carried out by “Mr G Gowlland” (thought to be George Gowlland 1867 – 1927) in collaboration with a Mr L G Vedy, on the rotation of bodies with dielectric surfaces in electrostatic fields.  If indeed he had shown this experiment at The Physical Society (presumably the American one) it must have been within a few months of his death.

2nd June 2009

Cheriton in Kent identified as location of Stephen Gowlland’s mill in 1769 prior to his move to Canterbury the following year (click here) – more information will be found on this link taken from “Kent Dissenting Ministers’ Declarations 1689 – 1836” by Gillian Rickard B.A. Dip.Loc.Hist [ISBN 0-9521828-3-1]. Available from her at